What is insurance?

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Today I will tell you about insurance here, which is very important for you to know. Because insurance has become very important in today's life. So let's get lost knowing that 'what is insurance? ' And how does it work.
If you try to understand it, then there is no insurance company's system in which the company gives us compensation once or after we have insured in time or on our car, house, bungalow, gold and silver etc. It means that if he gives money to our goods if he gets hurt, then he is called insurance.

After every tragic event, insurance is very essential for every person. How do you know when this crowd of today's fast and fasting lives? In such a case, if you have got insurance of your valuable things done properly then it works like a back up help for you, but how we will tell you about it further, insurance means that with the type of insurance and benefits
Different types of insurace and insurance have different benefits.

#What is Life Insurance? And its benefits
In the Life Insurance Scheme and in life insurance, by the payment of a fixed fee, if the person died, or on an accident, in which the person has been hurt, at that time the nominee of that policy, ie the policy, Money is paid according to the company's conditions, this money is very good, at that time when there is so much sadness on the man's head.

Life Insurance Policy leaves people especially for their family because there is no faith in someone's life. That's why most people adopt this policy so that after their departure, their family members and their wives should get some help in case of money.

What is the Accidental Policy Scheme? What are its advantages?
In case of Accident Insurance Scheme or Accidental Policy, if you accidentally become involved with the policyholder by depositing a fixed fixed price, according to the policy terms and conditions, if the holder of that policy is injured or disabled. When the hospital is admitted, some amount is given.

One of the biggest advantages of accident insurance i.e. Accidental Policy is that you do not have to spend any kind of expenses when you have an accident with it. The Insurance policy company i.e. the company from which you have insured, raises the entire expenditure. But there are different terms and conditions in different policies, which should be insured only after reading.

# What is the Term Life Policy? What are the benefits?
It protects you from the risk of your life without any savings or benefits in a fixed time interval. A fixed amount or sum assured is given to a person guided. If the insured dies during the policy term then it is, and if the insured does not have anything in the time of policy, then no payment will be given to anyone. This is the Term Life Policy Insurance, which is much cheaper than its premium policies.

That is, if the age is 30 years and you want to take insurance of 10 million, then its premium will be between 8 thousand and 10000 only.

# What is Endowment Insurance Policy? What is the use of this?
The Endowment Insurance Policy, which is a traditional plan, which is available in the place of LIC etc. Endowment insurance policy is also productive with risk and financial savings is also productive. The insured has 2 benefits in this insurance. If the insured dies within the insurance period, then the salt person gets the sum insured. And if the insured does not have anything in the insurance period, then the insurance holder gets the bonus on the invested product insurance, along with the premium he has deposited.

# What is Money Back Policy? What are the benefits?
Moneyback is also a type of endowment policy, in which the main purpose is to collect money through life insurance and investment, in certain policies and periods of time, some investment is returned to the investor after the return. If the insured survives during the term of its policy then the remaining investment is returned to him. On the death of the insured, the insured person is paid the nominee.

#What is the Whole Life Policy? What are the benefits?
The entire life policy insures the insured for his entire life span, which is also known by name. In this policy, the insured has to pay the premium for a certain number of years, and at the age of 100, there is a maturity period for this policy, if the insured survives more than 100 years, then he or she turns into a plan endowment policy.

Friends, I wholeheartedly hope that you would have understood everything about insurance, if you have any questions then you can ask in the comment box and also do not forget to share this post on social media.

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